bas2aboutBas 2 (Germany)
Based in Berlin.

Bas2 is one member of the legendary crews GHS, 156 Crew, PBS & AC

Born 1971 in West Berlin a kid surounded by the wall
1983 first piece on Berlin wall „Power83″
1984-85 first taggs on Berlin Streets „Power“ & „Offline“
1986 start of his real Writer Career first Name for pieces „Basic2000″
1987 trip to Munich with Dj Kaos to paint at the big Outside gallery „Hall of Fame“ the „Dachauer Flohmarkt“
1987 start of hitting the trainsystem of Berlin
1988 illegal Graffshow & Party in Berlin/Kreuzberg in abandoned house
1990 Mural for Teenie Magazin „Poprocky“ on Berlin Wall „Hilfe die Gorbis kommen“
1990 start to work for Lele&Limex Bau, Company who had the right to sell the Berlin wall
1990-91 several Berlin wall segments for
– Ronald Reagan Library http://www.reaganlibrary.com/
– Paris La Defense Mall
– Israel Museum
– John Burris Gallery Oklahoma
– Intercontinental Hotel Berlin
– Aspen Art Museum
1990 Aspen Art Museum
1991 Galerie Schrill Berlin
1991 Opening of Germanys first Hip Hop Shop „Mad Flavor“
1993 New York City Subway
1996 Karstadt Sport Berlin
1996 Coca Cola Cherry in Jena & Brandenburg
1996 -97 Trendscout & Representative for Adidas Originals Germany
1997 Malermeister Becker Fassadengestaltung
1998 Nauny Ritze Berlin
2002 Coca Cola Head Office Berlin
2003 Painted 30 Trucks on Berlin Roads „Rolling Gallery“
2003 participant Write4Gold East
2004 Winner Write4Gold East
2004 Powerade Street Campagne
2004 Wella Hair Germany
2004 Exhibition at Herlitz Berlin
2004 Mural for Universa Hausverwaltung
2005 since than Judge for „Write4Gold“ Graffiti World Championship in Sweden/Gothenburg
2005 Musikvideo Fler
2005 90°Berlin Streetwear+Art
2006 Judge in France/Poland/Spain/Denmark/Germany World Finals
2006 Musikvideo Fler
2007 Judge in South Africa/Netherland/Hungary
2008 Springmann Gallery Freiburg
2009 Musikvideo Aggro Berlin
2009 Weissensee Gallery „Russisches Offiziershaus“
2009 Judge Write4Gold World Finals
2009 Constantin Film „Zeiten ändern sich“ Bushido Biography


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